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    Picking the Perfect Colors for Your Office Redesign

    Last updated 11 months ago

    While your office redesign will likely focus on the arrangement of different pieces of furniture, it is important to keep color in mind. Humans are subconsciously influenced by colors every day, and they can be influential when it comes to making decisions about purchases; they can also impact your employees’ moods. Here is some advice on picking the perfect colors for your office redesign.


    The color yellow promotes warmth and happiness. If your business also promotes warmth and happiness, you can use yellows to attract new customers as well as remind your employees to stay positive. Yellow is reminiscent of nature, flowers, and the outdoors, and provides the stimulation your employees need to stay awake and alert, but also relaxed.


    If you have spent time in hospitals or doctors’ offices, you may have noticed the prevalence of the color green in medical facilities. This is meant to combat the intensity and stress that employees of these places endure. The color green represents healing and rejuvenation. Adorn your office with shades of green in order to help your employees pick themselves up when they are feeling sluggish or bogged down by their work. This is an especially effective use of the color if your employees have a multitude of significant responsibilities.


    Lavender can give your employees the extra creative push that they need. This color is associated with imagination and determination and will promote focus in your office. Purples tend to instill feelings of power and strength, so your employees will receive a creative boost as well as the confidence to follow through with their creations. Lavender is such a stimulating color that it causes people to sleep less, making it the perfect shade for an office environment.

    Need help picking the perfect colors for your office redesign? Call D2 Office Furniture and Design or visit our website. We are leading providers of New York office space design, offering office desks and other upscale office furniture. If you live in NYC, come in and talk to us. To find out more about what we can do for you, call (212) 288-0800 today.

    Exploring D2's Office Accessories

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Accessories can be just as important as office furniture. Once you figure out the basics of your office space design, finish off the new décor with some useful accessories. D2 Office Furniture + Design offers the following accessories to make the most of your office:

    From articulated keyboard platforms to footrests, our line of ergonomic accessories makes it more comfortable for your employees to sit for long periods of time. We also have monitor arms and CPU holders.  Enhance personal workspaces with desk lights that make it easier for your staff to work.

    Come to D2 Office Furniture + Design to find office furniture and accessories that will make the most of your workspace. Whether your office is large or small, it is important to have furniture that offers comfort and function. To learn more about our wide range of products and design services, visit us online or call (212) 288-0800. 

    Build a Better Vision of Your Office by Asking These Questions

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Whether you are building a new office or rearranging a current one, the modern workplace is a well thought out environment. There are many different factors to consider, and many different questions to ask. Build a better vision of your office by asking the following questions.

    How Can I Encourage Communication?

    It is important for coworkers to be able to freely discuss ideas and receive feedback and opinions. You can facilitate this by designing a wide-open workspace, free of walls, doors, windows, and other barriers. Instead of building cubicles that isolate individuals, use desk clusters that create small teams. Upper level managers and executives that work in an open space among their employees are more accessible than those who spend the bulk of their time in their personal offices with the shades drawn.

    What Makes an Office Flexible?

    The modern era continues to see the advancement of technology at a rapid pace; this created a society that is constantly changing and adapting in every way. Since society is constantly changing, your workplace must be flexible enough to keep up with each new idea. One creative way to make your office more flexible is to use chairs and desks that are on wheels. If you think of a new office arrangement that can increase productivity, all you need to do is wheel the pieces into place.

    Is There Room for Employees to Relax?

    Your employees appreciate being respected and cared for, so it is important that your office offers room for employees to relax, socialize, or recover if they are not feeling well. This can be a space as simple as a kitchen or break room, or as extravagant as a workout room or massage room for more upscale offices. It is important that employees have space within the office where they can take a break and socialize with each other.

    If you would like to build a better vision of your office, contact D2 Office Furniture and Design. We provide the NYC area with upscale office furniture and design services, including seating, desks and tables, and filing and storage. You can call us at (212) 288-0800 or visit our website. If you live in the NYC area, stop by and find out what we can do for you today.

    Are Office Cubicles Outdated?

    Last updated 12 months ago

    Sometimes businesses grow out of their office spaces. If your workplace is still full of cubicles, it could be hindering your productivity. A whole new office space design might help to bring your business to a whole new level.

    Modern office spaces are moving more toward open layouts that allow the employees to easily walk around and interact with each other. With groups of tables and desks that provide plenty of spaces for working, you can create a newer, more welcoming office design. Find some new furniture that works more for the current needs of your business to really take advantage of the space that you have.

    D2 Office Furniture + Design is here to help you find the perfect office furniture and layout for your workplace. Our dedicated staff is here to assist you with every step of the redesign process. To learn more about our office furniture and office design services, visit us online or call (212) 288-0800. 

    Advice for Beating Back Pain at Work

    Last updated 12 months ago

    Many people in the American workforce spend a significant portion of their days sitting down at a desk. Unfortunately, too much sitting down can cause problems like lower back pain. This pain can be made worse by poor posture and ergonomics. However, there are a few techniques that you can employ to help avoid back pain.

    Take Breaks from Sitting

    The more time you spend sitting down, the less time your spine spends in its natural “S” shaped position. When you are sitting in a chair at your desk, your lower back is experiencing additional strain and stress. This may not only cause back pain, but it can also aggravate preexisting injuries to the lower back. It is important to remember to periodically stand up over the course of your workday and give your body a break from sitting down. Use this opportunity to get a drink or take a short walk; your spine will benefit in the long run.

    Improve Your Posture

    If your head is hanging in front of your body as you slouch over your desk to stare at your computer, you are inviting stress that can cause headaches and shoulder pains. Additionally, if you spend too much time flexing your spine, you may develop a weak lower back that is prone to injury. Try setting an alarm or a reminder to check your posture throughout the day and make sure you are sitting up straight, not slouching.

    Plan Your Workspace

    An ergonomically designed workspace can work wonders when it comes to saving your back. Make sure your chair is positioned so that your feet lay on the ground and that your lower back is aligned. You can place a small pillow between your lower back and your chair to ensure that your lower back will not be strained.

    For more advice on how to beat back pain at work, call D2 Office Furniture and Design at (212) 288-0800 or visit our website. We provide the NYC area with office space design services, including seating, desks and tables, and filing and storage. If you live in the NYC area, stop by today.

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